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Call 111 - When it is less urgent than 999

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As a patient of this practice we expect you:

  1. To treat the doctors and practice staff with courtesy. The partners will not tolerate violence and/or abuse directed at any member of the practice team or service users; behaviour of this nature will result in your immediate removal from the surgery list.
  2. To be punctual for your appointment time
  3. To give the practice as much notice as possible if you are unable to keep a booked appointment
  4. To make more than one appointment if more than one person needs to be seen
  5. To be prepared to make further appointments if you have numerous or complicated problems
  6. To be patient if appointment times are running late - it may be you who needs the extra time on another occasion
  7. To ask for a home visit only if the illness prevents you from attending the surgery - children can usually be safely brought to the surgery
  8. To only contact the doctor out of surgery hours in cases of an emergency which cannot wait until the next working day
  9. To give two working days' notice of repeat prescriptions/medication you may need
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